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“Mark is an extraordinary individual with a passion for people, business, marketing and contributing to the community. I have worked with Mark in several areas and am always amazed at his energy, knowledge, and ability to make things happen. My confidence in Mark is so high, I have introduced him to clients and have asked him to share his marketing expertise with them to help them learn marketing from a true professional. Mark is someone I can count on, enjoy working with, and highly recommend..”

Janna Hoiberg, Family Business Specialist, International Speaker & Author

“Mark is one of the most passionate advocates of small business that I have ever known. He has the vision and leadership skills that I’ve seen in the Fortune 50 executives I’ve worked with. He combines that with a sincere interest in developing the skills and providing the resources needed by small business owners in our local community. He is able to view a problem at a high level, identify root causes, and articulate a clear path to improvement and success. Mark doesn’t just talk about problems, he participates in creating solutions”

Kate Keeley, Communications Specialist at Humana

“Mark brought a fresh perspective and enthusiastic guidance to our business and immediately embarked on comprehensive research of our firm and our competitors.  By attentively listening to our experiences and frustrations in trying to grow our business over the past 9 years, Mark identified opportunities we didn’t recognize and delivered the necessary assistance and advice to implement these new strategies. Enabling us to develop additional aspects of our services, Mark helped us meet our core objectives and put us in a much more competitive position, benefiting our company as well as our members. Mark and his team at Connectionmark are experts in their fields and they never hesitated to be available to us when we needed them.  We are happy to fully endorse Connectionmark, LLC’s excellent scope of skills, resources, knowledge and leadership.”

Leslie Massey, American Dental Group

“Mark brings passion, humor, pragmatism, and honesty to his inspirational talks with entrepreneurs. He is an advocate for small businesses with "been there/done that" stories that engage, guide, and help them understand how to articulate the unique "why" of their companies.”

Jennifer Kurtz, Program/Project Manager at Conundrum Creek Consulting

"It was my privilege to work beside Mark and watch and tap his talents for marketing. His extensive knowledge base coupled with a true desire to share what he knows and help others makes him a powerful team partner and powerful business builder for clients. If you put what Mark teaches into practice your personal and business profile will rise - guaranteed."

Erik Carlson, Overhead Door Company of Colorado Springs

"Mark''s ability to pinpoint both strong and weak areas in an individual or company gives him a unique chance to bolster areas of profitability. By working with his clients to managing weaknesses and increasing areas of current strengths he can truly help bolster his clients bottom lines."

Charles Chedester, Midwest Family Lending Corp.

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