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Working Over Coffee

Who we are

Connected, Supportive, Empowering

You don't want to be known as the best at what you do;

you want to be known as the only one that do what you do.

It all starts with communication.

  • Who you are &

        Why do you do what you do

  • What do you do

  • How can you help

 Our Goal is to Help you:

  • Assess Your Business

  • Develop a Strategic Plan

  • Help Execute Your Strategy 

  • Optimize Your Business!

This is an image that shows the amount of Effort that you put into your business, and how that correlates to the Results that you are able to achieve. Assess, Strategize, Execute, Optimize, are the four stages that we must consider when developing a business plan.

Why do we do what we do? We have seen too many times the struggles that small businesses face, and the lack of expertise and affordable resources that they have available to reach their goals and objectives.


   We witnessed main-street businesses closing their doors because they thought that they could no longer compete in the competitive global digital landscape, and against the big box stores. We have been there and we are tired of witnessing that.


   We are committed to helping small business make BIG business through the same strategies that we created, and helped execute, in the Fortune 500 organizations that we have worked. 


   Let us help empower you to be able to make those same decisions that we helped the BIG companies make to earn more business and create more jobs. 


   We do what we do because we are passionate about the communities in which we all live, work, play.

   Let us help you: Assess your Business. Develop a Strategy. Execute with the resources that you need. And ultimately... Optimize your Business. Contact us to learn more about the solutions that we have created to win back your customers and continue to earn their business for many years to come. 

What we do

Strategic Planning

Brand Strategy


Business Organization

We have worked with the best, and are eager to connect you to them. 

 We believe that people and organizations do not buy anything anymore.

Rather, they choose between options

& then decide with whom and where they want to do business. 


It all starts with communication. We facilitate the process to help you create a:

  • Strategic Plan

    • Marketing Plan

    • Sales Strategy

    • Customer Care Program

    • Financial & Profitability Plan

    • Human Resource Strategy

    • Personal Development Plan

    • Ethical Standards Guidelines

How we can help

What are others saying about us?

“Mark brought a fresh perspective and enthusiastic guidance to our business and immediately  embarked  on comprehensive research of our firm and our competitors.  By attentively listening to our experiences and frustrations in trying to grow our business over the past 9 years, Mark identified opportunities we didn’t recognize and delivered the necessary assistance and advice to implement these new strategies. Enabling us to develop additional aspects of our services, Mark helped us meet our core objectives and put us in a much more competitive position, benefiting our company as well as our members. Mark and his team at Connectionmark are experts in their fields and they never hesitated to be available to us when we needed them.  We are happy to fully endorse Connectionmark, LLC’s excellent scope of skills, resources, knowledge and leadership.”

Leslie Massey, American Dental Group     

“Mark brings passion, humor, pragmatism, and honesty to his inspirational talks with entrepreneurs. He is an advocate for small businesses with "been there/done that" stories that engage, guide, and help them understand how to articulate the unique "why" of their companies.”

Jennifer Kurtz, Program/Project Manager at Conundrum Creek Consulting     

Contact Us

Colorado Springs, CO, USA


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