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Strategic Planning

     Strategic Planning is the process of defining an organization's goals and objectives and effectively allocating its resources in order to achieve them. The strategic plan, including the analysis of an organization and the environment in which it competes, is executed by Connectionmark™ Certified Resultants™ in collaboration with specially-chosen team members and with the use of important research sources.

     Strategy has many definitions.  To us, strategy means assessing our clients' businesses, helping our clients set goals, determining what resources are needed to achieve those goals, and mobilizing those resources in order to execute the necessary actions. 

     We learn as much as we can about our clients' businesses before we create a strategic plan. Our philosophy is simple:  Let us help you to start making Proactive Decisions rather than Reactive Choices.

     We could do as many others do and create a marketing campaign in order to sell you a solution. Instead, we listen to what you want to accomplish, learn from you what already works well and what doesn't, collaborate with you to create an action plan to reach your goals, and then teach you how to accomplish it yourself.

     Our ultimate goal is to leave you and your business better off than when we started and then to start helping our next client.

Certified Resulting™

     When you hire Connectionmark™ you gain access to all of the resources that we have developed in the course of managing a Fortune 500 local-operating-model-grass-roots marketing campaign. From development to implementation we have achieved much success in driving awareness, revenue, and growth for the many projects for which we have been responsible. 

     In fact, one of the projects we facilitated experienced exponential growth from product launch to the point of exceeding over $1 million in monthly recurring revenue in the first year. Other projects have seen an increase in membership from 176 to just under 700 members within 18 months.

     We can't guarantee you specific results, but we can guarantee that we will be right there with you sifting through the data to ensure that we are not wasting resources that could otherwise be invested somewhere else.

     People hire us to learn their business and then help them get the desired results.

Marketing Resources & Support

     Clarify your message to engage your potential customers'/clients'. Our goal is to build a bottoms up approach to help our clients' clarify their message, and deliver it through various tools to reach their target market. Simply put, our goal is to help our clients acquire qualified leads to increase sales and their bottom line. You have worked hard to build your business, we work to implement a marketing strategy that works. 


     Marketing serves more than one purpose; Initially, it is a form of communication by which  we are able to inform others of our product or service in hopes that they will gain interest in what we're offering. Marketing is a multi-dimensional process resulting from various strategies. Each strategy is vital to the functionality and success of the campaign as a whole. Of course, some of the main and most important goals of any marketing campaign or strategy are to build awareness, create leads, and increase sales.


     Connectionmark takes each piece of what you are currently doing, looks for ways to optimize its performance, and offer additional suggestions and resources to build a stronger campaign to build brand awareness, create leads, and increase sales. It takes a village, and our team is equipped to handle the task and alleviate the stress of meeting with all of those salespeople (who many times are not implementing the logos, websites, copyrighting, events, and every other aspect that goes into facilitating a successful marketing campaign). 


We see ourselves as an extension of your staff to offer the resources that are needed... when they are needed. 


     Which include the following: Graphic Design, Copyrighting, Web Development, Story Boarding, Events, implementation and execution. We also plan to manage the campaign with you as our ultimate and final decision maker.


     Does your business stand out? In corporate America it is not good for employees to be placed on a PIP (performance improvement plan). But at Connectionmark™, a PIP is good thing. We call it: Progressive Impact Planning™.

     Many of us would prefer to be able to purchase successful strategies and begin capitalizing on them. However, "success" comes before "work" only in the dictionary. That is why Connectionmark™ invests much of our time facilitating workshops and sharing our personal stories about what has worked, what hasn't, and what we would do differently if presented with the same situation in the future. We want to help our clients start making Proactive Decisions rather than continue to make Reactive Choices.

     Why do we do this? The value that we bring to our attendees at our workshops instills a sense of collaboration in a safe and confidential environment. Where better to admit the mistakes and struggles that you are experiencing than among peers who have experienced or are experiencing those same issues?

     Connectionmark™ utilizes the many tools and skillsets that we have acquired across various industries in order to assist our clients with Optimizing their Businesses.

     These collaborative workshops help us to learn exactly who you are, what you do, and how you can help your customers/clients.  Our goal: To help you uncover the obstacles that have been standing in your way of accomplishing your goals.

     In order to get something that you have never had you have to do something that you have never done.

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