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Does Your Business Stand Out?

Strategic Planning

Competing in today’s landscape of everlasting choices and competition requires a different approach in messaging and implementation. People do not buy anything anymore, rather they choose between options to decide who they want to do business with. So what are you doing to make your business stand out so they choose to do business with you?

We all have products or services, and we all have an ideal price or rate that they want to charge for those products and services. But we all don’t have are the processes and procedures that can increase efficiency and productivity.

I have met and have worked with thousands of business owners, professionals, and others looking for the Holy Grail, and one of the common denominators is that they are chasing what they want right now, and not planning for where they want to go in the future. So then how does one start planning for the future, while capturing a moment in time which is now?

Most businesses will look to see what their competitors are doing in marketing, strategy, execution, sales, and operations. Does that really help a business stand out? Simon Sinek talks about the transformation of messaging from How to Why, and I talk about the people who know how will always work for the people who know why. You see you can’t be different, if you continue to do the same things that have always been done.

So what do I recommend? Create a strategic business and marketing plan to capture the essence of your business at a specific point in time; streamline and duplicate the process to Assess, Strategize, Execute, and Optimize your efforts; and then develop or redevelop the communications plan moving forward, i.e. printed collateral, digital assets, media buys, and make sure that they are saying the same thing for what you want your business to communicate to the world and potential prospects.

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