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Mark, Janna and Matt formed this consulting alliance to better serve the business community in Colorado. Each of us brings a set of strengths and passions. Although we are each credentialed in similar areas, we each have our core strengths and passions that allow us to come together and serve you our clients'. 

What makes us unique?

  1. We are a team​​​​

    • We bring a broad approach and perspective​

    • Our experience spans several generations and gender

    • We are experts that have been there and done that through various industries and organizations​

  2. Across the board approach​

    • Facilitate the cross-functional approach with all stakeholders in your organization​

      • From facilities management to C-level executives to the Executive Leadership​

  3. One size does not fit all​​

    • We are adaptable to develop and provide best practices that are unique for each of our clients​

What does this all mean for you?

  • Our collaborative approach provides improved internal and external communication strategies that have clear goals.


How do we do it?​

  • Strategic Planning

  • Effective Communication

  • Define Clear Goals and Objectives

  • Develop an Action Plan          

Headshot of Mark Bittle, Founder and President.
Action photo ofJanna Hoiberg hiking with her backpack in a mountain setting.

Mark Bittle

President and Founder of Connectionmark

     Mark founded Connectionmark™ after recognizing the opportunity to help businesses and key leadership become more productive and profitable. He works with his clients to assist them in growing and optimizing their businesses through strategic planning, development, and execution. ​


     Connectionmark™ is in business to serve our clients and provide them access to various skill sets and expertise to drive their products/services, brand awareness,  and growth. We help our clients develop and maintain the communication strategies for both their internal and external stakeholders.

     Connectionmark™ specializes in developing people and the organizations in which they work. Our experience in developing teams and the strategies to accomplish mutual goals has been recognized nationally. Mark brings his entrepreneurial passion to everything that he does. He is a Connectionmark™ Certified Resultant™ and Chief Intrapreneur.

     Mark is an avid soccer player. When he is not networking, collaborating with his clients, or working in and on his business, he enjoys time with his wife Jennifer, and their three fur babies: Aslan, Lacy, and Grace

Headshot of Matt Barrett.

Janna Hoiberg

President and Founder of Harvest Enterprises


     Janna Hoiberg is a renowned international speakerfacilitatorfamily business coach, and author who has personally led thousands of business owners to success and inspired thousands more during the course of her 35-year business career. A gifted teacher and stirring presenter, Janna ignites audiences, readers, and company principals with her proven strategies to elevate communication, sales, leadership, management, and team building.


     Janna loves working with the complexity of your family business. Business is business until you introduce the family. What can and should be an easy decision in many corporate environments can create a family dynamic that impacts not only the business but the family.


     Very few people have navigated the path of transitioning a family business. At its best it is a simple process of moving generations into new and different roles. Reality is that simple process is seldom simple. The advantage of the outside perspective allows for improved communication, faster transitions and the health of the family and business improved.


     Contact Janna Hoiberg today and find out why thousands of family businesses and large corporations have learned to seek the advice of such an outstanding business professional.

You'll love Janna's easy conversation style and quickly realize that Janna has the knowledge & experience to help you reach your business goals!

Matt Barrett

President and Managing Partner of Business Truths Consulting


     Matt Barrett’s passion is helping others accomplish their goals.  He is a proven leader with extensive experience with small and mid-sized firms.  Specializing in strategic planning and execution, change management, team building, and helping business owners plan for and execute successful growth strategies, Matt’s diverse experience has allowed him to work with over 1800 businesses and entrepreneurs, helping them make crucial decisions and plans for their success.


     A humorous speaker and a gifted teacher, Matt has taught for the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs for 10 years.  He has facilitated workshops and spoken to groups of more than 1000.


     Matt has a BS in Business-Psychology from Nebraska Wesleyan University and an MBA from Iowa State University.  He has experience in manufacturing, quality control, government procurement, advertising and non-profit management.  Before becoming a partner at BusinessTruths Consulting, Matt was the Executive Director of the Colorado Springs Small Business Development Center and the CEO and Executive Director of the Southern Colorado Better Business Bureau.

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