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Who we are

Connectionmark™ helps to connect others to key services and expertise so that they can organize and grow their businesses. The fundamental goal of Connectionmark is to share the knowledge and the access to trusted resources we cultivated in our work with a local operating model of a Fortune 150 brand that became among the best in the entire company. We start with the end in mind, utilizing our proprietary Progressive Impact Planning Workbook™ to help our clients create a Connectionmark Strategic Business Plan™.

We don't want our clients to be known as the best at what they do;

we want our clients to be known as the only ones that do what they do.

Everyone at Connectionmark™ is passionate about helping others.  We believe that providing access to Fortune-500-caliber resources doesn't have to break the budget for our clients. That is why we have developed a process to help others get the results they are looking for in a cost-effective, efficient, and measurable way.

Headshot of Mark Bittle, the Founder and President


Certified Resultant™


Certified NxLevel Facilitator

Certified IceHouse Facilitator

Professional Speaker, Author, Certified Business Consultant

Community Organizer

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     Mark founded Connectionmark after recognizing the opportunity to help businesses and key leadership become more connected in the community. His goal is to assist them in growing and Optimizing their Businesses through strategic planning, development, and execution.  Simply put, we created a workbook that asks you the questions that you need to uncover the following:

What you know

What you don't know

What would be nice to know

Where to find the resources

     Mark facilitates a process that clients utilize to assist them in growing and optimizing their businesses through strategic development, design, and execution. Bittle has been the Director of Marketing and Development for the largest media company in Southern Colorado and was a local executive for a Fortune 150 company. He was tired of seeing salespeople sell a solution without care for the development, management, and goals of their customers’ and clients’ businesses. Mark brings his entrepreneurial passion to everything that he does.

     Bittle takes every opportunity to do what he does best while continuing to develop meaningful relationships within the community and helping them to get the results they are looking for. He is passionate about business and supporting the community. His responsibilities include Public Relations, Community Engagement, Market Development, and Strategic Planning. He is a creative asset to others, assisting them with developing exceptional communication strategies while exceeding customer/client expectations. Mark has facilitated the Pikes Peak SBDC’s Leading Edge Business Planning Course since 2009. 

     Connectionmark™ facilitates the strategic planning process that will provide them access to various skill sets and expertise to drive their products/services, brand awareness,  and growth.

     Connectionmark specializes in developing people and the organizations in which they work. Our experience in developing teams and the strategies to accomplish mutual goals has been recognized nationally. Mark brings his entrepreneurial passion to everything that he does. He is a Connectionmark™ Certified Resultant™ and Chief Intrapreneur.

     Mark is an avid soccer player. When he is not networking, collaborating with his clients, or working, he enjoys time with his fur babies:  Maisel, Dash, and Violet.

Meet Mark Bittle

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