Who we are

A Strategic Planning and Business Development Firm

Connectionmark™ is a business planning and consulting firm that connects our clients to key services and expertise so that they can organize and grow their businesses. The fundamental goal of our business is to share the knowledge and the access to trusted resources we cultivated in our work with a local operating model of a Fortune 150 brand that became among the best in the entire company. We start with the end in mind, utilizing our proprietary Progressive Impact Planning Workbook™ to help our clients create a Connectionmark Strategic Business Plan™.

We don't want our clients to be known as the best at what they do;

we want our clients to be known as the only ones that do what they do.

Everyone at Connectionmark™ is passionate about helping our clients'.  We believe that providing access to Fortune-500-caliber resources doesn't have to break the budget for our clients. That is why we have developed our business to be able to help our clients get the results they are looking for in a cost-effective, efficient, and measurable way.

President & Founder

Certified Resultant™

Marketing Mastermind

Certified NxLevel Facilitator

Certified IceHouse Facilitator

Professional Speaker, Author, Certified Business Consultant

Community Organizer

Mark Bittle

     Mark founded Connectionmark after recognizing the opportunity to help businesses and key leadership become more productive and profitable. He works with his clients to assist them in growing and Optimizing their Businesses through strategic planning, development, and execution. Bittle was most recently the Director of Marketing and Development for one of the largest media companies in Southern Colorado; prior to that he was a local executive for a Fortune 150 company. 

     Connectionmark™ is in business to serve our clients and provide them access to various skill sets and expertise to drive their products/services, brand awareness,  and growth. We help our clients develop and maintain the communication strategies for both their internal and external stakeholders.

     Connectionmark specializes in developing people and the organizations in which they work. Our experience in developing teams and the strategies to accomplish mutual goals has been recognized nationally. Mark brings his entrepreneurial passion to everything that he does. He is a Connectionmark™ Certified Resultant™ and Chief Intrapreneur.

     Mark is an avid soccer player. When he is not networking, collaborating with his clients, or working in and on his business, he enjoys time with his fur babies:  Lacy, and Maisel.

Certified Resultant™

Strategic Marketing & 

     Business Development

Public Relations

MaryT Will


     MaryT Will is a business development and public relations professional. Her experience spans several decades and she has excelled at communicating her clients’ goals and objectives to drive results, while also developing many meaningful and professional relationships throughout the community. 


     MaryT is a long-time resident of Colorado Springs, and has clients' up and down the Front Range. She offers her expertise in public relations, media relations, community engagement, relationship marketing and direct sales. She understands the importance of building meaningful relationships to drive results, while targeting specific demographics that appeal to her clients.

     She understands that in today’s business environment, it is less about what you know, and who you know, but rather it is about who knows you when you have what they need. Her goal as a Public Relations and Marketing Professional is to assist her clients in becoming top of mind when purchase decisions are made. 


     MaryT has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations and Advertising. Her experience coupled with her commitment to assist her clients in exceeding expectations has been recognized by those that she has worked with. She is ecstatic to partner with Connectionmark and our subject matter experts and business professionals that share her commitment for excellence.

    In her spare time, you can find MaryT hiking, traveling, and spending time with horses and of course her family.     

Our other invaluable team members

     Connectionmark has access to many of the resources that our clients need.  The best part?  We can pull from our extensive list of professional and affordable resources to help you accomplish your goals. 

      Through our work with Fortune 500 companies we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours developing meaningful relationships and utilizing those connections to help us complete projects and meet deadlines. We only want to refer our clients to resources whose work we can personally endorse.  We want our connections to provide you the same level of service that they have provided to us throughout the years.

     Connectionmark™ and our trusted service providers are here to assist you when you need it. We enjoy helping our clients make proactive decisions rather than simply helping them with reactive choices.

     We are here to assist you with planning and developing a campaign that is delivered on time and on budget. Through every step of the process we maintain our allegiance to you, our clients. 

Meet our team: